Compressible Locking Caps

Compressible Locking Caps

During aqueduct work, many safety operations are required in order to avoid accidentally returning a section back in service unintentionally – Utilization of these tools, as an additional safety procedure, will help to avoid the potential and accidental risk of flooding and drowning of workers by putting a section back into service too soon.

Compressible Locking Caps


COMPRESSIBLE LOCKING CAPS for valve chambers come in a variety of sizes:

a) 4''

b) 5''

c) 6''

Complementary Products

HANDLING TOOL for installing the Compressible Locking Cap

LOCKING DEVICE for Square Hardware applications

HASPS for Compressible Locking Caps Holds up to three locks

  • A versatile, weather-resistant locking device - allows controlled access to the valves, eliminating handling without authorization.
  • Easy to install due to compressibility -allows for smaller adjustments to fit variabilities in chamber dimensions.
  • Integrates perfectly with locking procedures.
  • The Compressible Locking Cap and multiple lock system will reduce the risk of flooding or drowning.
  • Versatile: use for multiple applications including electrical and gas
  • Lockable Cap for increased security
  • This safety product helps prevent human error from compromising worker safety.
  • Secures the valve chamber from inadvertent access .
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Custom colours available
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Compressible Locking Cap Unpacking and Installation Instructions

Remove from Box
Place the valve opening to estimate size. Plug should rest on the upper ring.
Remove from the valve.
Use a socket wrench to adjust the dimension so the plug rests on the upper ring.
Place back into the valve
Recheck the sizing to ensure the plug rests on the upper ring of the valve.
With the plug removed, attach the tool with the activating arm in the down position.
Raise the activating arm to compress the plug
Insert the plug into the valve
Lower the activating arm to expand the plug and secure the valve
Apply hasp
Secure with one to three locks

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